Welcome to wheelhouse.odoo-community.org

This is a repository of python wheels for all OCA addons for Odoo 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0.

To learn more about this place, the following resources are available:

To use this wheelhouse, use pip with --extra-index-url=https://wheelhouse.odoo-community.org/oca-simple.

You can also use pip with --find-links=https://wheelhouse.odoo-community.org/oca, but it's much slower.

If you still use setuptools-odoo<=1.0.0b6 or with SETUPTOOLS_ODOO_LEGACY_MODE=1, there are separate --find-links URLs for odoo 8 and 9: oca-8.0 and oca-9.0 (not updated).

For help and support, email support@odoo-community.org.